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Jul 13, 2018
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Contract Name Contract Number Contractor Type Plan Holder Status
ADA Taxi AVM Pedestrian Access 10629 Prime Contractor
Airport Domestic Garage Elevator Modernization 9059 Prime Contractor
Airport Duty Manager’s Office Remodel 11167.61 Prime Contractor
Airport Fire Suppression Repair, Certification and Maintenance 8921A Prime Contractor
Airport Pavement and Drainage Improvements 8984 Prime Contractor
Airport Terminals Fire Alarm System Upgrade 10568.61 Prime Contractor
Airport Wide UPS Replacement and Upgrade 11198.61 Prime Contractor
Airport-Wide Lighting Retrofit 9188R Prime Contractor
As Needed Terrazzo Repair 11253.50 Prime Contractor
As-Needed Airport Wide Fire Alarm System Constructions/Repairs 11224 Prime Contractor