Terminal Systems Office Remodel

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Planning, Design and Construction
Work governed by this contract includes all labor, materials, tools and equipment neccessary for construction of new walls, doors, ceiling and floor finishes, furnishings and equipment, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures (Kitchen),HVAC, Fire Suppression system and electrical improvements, and technology infrastructure as described in the bid documents. Payments for the work shall be lump sum as provided for in the Contract. Work consists of the demolition of existing office space and the construction of a new office. The new office consist of a conference room, Kitchen/break room, two private offices, a reception area, focus room and large work area with cubicles and an electrical/SSR room.
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Mauricio Avella
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190 consecutive calendar days
Bid Due
Feb 06, 2018 (Tuesday)
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01/30/18 Addendum
Addenda #1
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