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Planning, Design & Construction
The work consists of the construction of a new one story building, approximately 2,700 GSF. The building will be located on the airfield but the AOA fence will be relocated temporarily so that most of the construction work will be outside the AOA. Site work includes utility relocation, new utilities serving the building and site, and paving. The building is concrete unit masonry construction and aluminum storefront, with a standing seam metal roof supported by open web steel joists. The foundation is a mat slab with helical piles. The scope includes mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Most building systems are exposed, with ceilings in selected spaces only. The program spaces include processing and testing labs, office space, a break room, storage rooms and building support spaces.
Contract Administrator
Luis Moreno
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(650) 821-5554
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500 Total consecutive calendar days
Bid Due
Aug 21, 2018 (Tuesday)
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07/25/18 Pre-Bid Materials
Pre-Bid Materials
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08/08/18 Addendum
Addendum 1
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08/13/18 Addendum
Addendum 2 -Among the revisions is the change to the bid date.
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08/14/18 Addendum
Addendum 3
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08/22/18 Bid Results
Bid Results
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