SFO - Energy Benchmarking Support Services

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The Contractor shall complete the Energy Benchmarking Support Services contract organized into the tasks below. Through the Stakeholder Engagement Process, Contractor will help further define and reorganize these tasks. Each agreed upon task will be authorized by the Airport through the issuance of Task Orders that contains the scope, task duration, and a not-to-exceed amount.

Task 1 – Programming and Stakeholder Alignment
Task 2 – Guidelines and Contracting Review and Recommendations
Task 3 – Campus-Wide Building Benchmarking Report
Task 4 – Comprehensive Zero Net Energy Campus Report
Contract Manager
Joshua Heth
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Estimated Cost Range
Duration of Contract
12 months
Bid Due
Aug 21, 2018 (Tuesday)
Time Due
02:00 pm
Prebid Date
Addenda & Additional Files
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07/31/18 Pre-Proposal Materials
Pre-Proposal Materials
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08/14/18 Addendum
Addendum 1
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