Runway 28L Reconstruction

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Planning, Design and Construction
This Project will reconstruct Runway 28L between Taxiways Echo and Lima, crossing Runways 1L and 1R, to improve long term durability and performance of the runway. The Project will demolish existing pavement structure down to subgrade and reconstruct the middle section of the runway from the ground up. Runway lighting infrastructure impacted by the reconstruction area will be replaced. Two deteriorated storm drain lines that cross under this section of the runway will be replaced. New runway pavement will be grooved and striped. In addition, this Project will provide an overlay of Runway 1L, extending 300 feet from each side of the Runway 28L centerline.
Contract Manager
Daniel Lee
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Estimated Cost Range
$ 14,000,000
Duration of Contract
120 Calendar Days
Bid Due
May 15, 2019 (Wednesday)
25 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes remaining
Time Due
02:00 pm
Prebid Date
Apr 25, 2019 (Thursday)
Prebid Time
10:00 am
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04/09/19 Addendum
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