Field Lighting Building 1 Electrical System Upgrade

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Planning, Design and Construction
The Project consist of the Field Lighting Building #1 (FLB #1) electrical system upgrade and associated building maintenance (painting and roof replacement). The specific improvements include:
• Demolish and replace 12 kilovolt (kV) switch gear, 750KVA Transformer, and 480 volt (V) load center;
• Furnish and install required wiring and conduits;
• Replace runway lighting circuit regulator (RLC);
• Modify taxiway busway and associated electrical equipment;
• Upgrade Fire Alarm System;
• Recover Existing FLB #1 roof
Contract Manager
Jonathan Husband
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Estimated Cost Range
$9,500,00 - $10,500,000
Duration of Contract
1 year
Bid Due
Jul 24, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time Due
Prebid Date
Jun 21, 2019 (Friday)
Prebid Time
02:00 pm
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06/14/19 Addendum
Addendum No. 1
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06/17/19 Addendum
Addendum No. 2
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06/21/19 Pre-Proposal Materials
Pre-Bid Meeting Materials
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07/01/19 Addendum
Addendum No. 3
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07/14/19 Addendum
Addendum No. 4
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07/18/19 Addendum
Addendum No. 5
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07/20/19 Addendum
Addendum No. 6
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07/24/19 Bid Results
Bid Results
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