Firehouse #2 Improvements

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Planning, Design & Construction
The Firehouse #2 Improvements Project (Project) will improve living and working conditions for the emergency response crews living and working at Firehouse #2. The Project will decommission the existing living quarters, move the emergency response crews into living quarters in a newly installed modular structure, construct an accessible path to the existing firehouse building, and replace and upgrade the Public Address (PA) speaker system and radio system within the existing firehouse building.
Contract Manager
Lisa Gallego
Contact Phone
(650) 821-7887
Contact Email
Estimated Cost Range
$2,500,000 - $3,500,000
Duration of Contract
340 consecutive calendar days
Bid Due
Nov 20, 2019 (Wednesday)
6 days, 23 hours, 24 minutes remaining
Time Due
11:00 am
Prebid Date
Nov 07, 2019 (Thursday)
Prebid Time
10:00 am
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11/07/19 Pre-Proposal Materials
Pre-bid Meeting Slides and Handout Materials
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