Boarding Area 'G' Apron Improvements

Contract Number
Planning, Design & Construction
This Project will replace existing damaged concrete apron panels at Gates G7 and G5 and replace existing damaged joint sealant at Gate G3 at Boarding Area 'G'. These three gates were previously designated as Gates G95, G96, and G91, respectively. The Work on this Project includes demolition and off-haul of existing concrete pavement, excavation, subgrade compaction, crushed aggregate base placement and compaction, lean concrete base placement; cement concrete pavement installation, and installation of joint sealant materials. An additive alternate at Gate G8 (G97) has been incorporated in the Contract Documents to maximize the Project Scope of Work.
Contract Administrator
Hirokazu Sato
Contract Administrator Phone
(650) 821-5320
Contract Administrator Email
Estimated Cost Range
$650,000 - $750,000
Duration of Contract
100 total consecutive calendar days
Bid Due
Feb 04, 2020 (Tuesday)
11 days, 0 hours, 30 minutes remaining
Time Due
11:00 am
Prebid Date
Jan 06, 2020 (Monday)
Prebid Time
10:00 am
Addenda & Additional Files
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01/06/20 Pre-Bid Materials
Pre-Bid Meeting Materials
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01/15/20 Addendum
Addendum No. 1
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