A&E Standards and Guidance Documents

Introduction to the ABR, A&E Standards, and Airport Guidance Documents:


Airport Building Regulations (ABR):

ABR And Other Related Documents

Airport Architecture & Engineering (A&E) Standards:

Division 08 – Openings; includes section from Division 11.

Building Systems – Doors, Keying, Hardware (Uploaded November 2018)

Division 14 – Conveying Equipment:

Building Systems – Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways (Uploaded November 2018)

Division 21 – Fire Suppression, includes sections from Division 15 & 40

Building Systems – Fire Protection and Fuel Piping/Storage (Uploaded November 2018)

Division 22 – Plumbing:

Building Systems – Plumbing (Uploaded November 2018)

Division 23 – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning:

Building Systems – HVAC (Uploaded November 2018)

Building Systems – Instrumentation and Controls (Uploaded January 2019)

Division 26 – Electrical:

Building Systems – Electrical: 400 HZ (Uploaded November 2018)

Building Systems – Basic Requirements (Uploaded November 2018)

Building Systems – Cables, Conduits and Supports (Uploaded November 2018)

Building Systems – Generators, Distribution Equipment & Transfer Switches (Uploaded November 2018)

Building Systems – Lighting (Uploaded January 2019)

Building Systems – Lighting Control System (Uploaded November 2018)

Building Systems – Substations & Transformers (Uploaded November 2018)

Division 27 – Communications:

Special Systems: Clock Systems (To request document, please contact Nat King at nat.king@flysfo.com)

Special Systems: IT&T Special Systems Standards (to request document, please contact Nat King)

Special Systems: Paging Systems (to request document, please contact Nat King)

Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security:

Life Safety – Fire Alarm System (Uploaded November 2018)

Special Systems – Safety & Security Systems (to request document, please contact Nat King)

Division 31 – Earthwork; includes sections from Division 02 & 06.

Airfield Civil – Earthwork (Uploaded November 2018)

Division 32 – Exterior Improvements:

Airfield Civil – Pavement Improvements (Uploaded January 2019)

Division 33 – Utilities; includes sections from Division 02 & 03

Airfield Civil – Utilities (Uploaded November 2018)

Division 34 – Transportation: 

Airfield Electrical (Uploaded November 2018)


Building Systems – Fall Protection and Access (Uploaded January 2019)

Special Systems – Information Displays (to request document, please contact Nat King)

Special Systems – Wi-Fi (to request document, please contact Nat King)

Airport Guidance Documents Project Delivery Guidance:

Delivering Exceptional Projects

Principles of R.E.A.C.H

Airport Strategic Plan

Design Guidance:

Temporary Construction Standards

Restroom Design Guidelines

Restroom Design Appendix B - Cutsheets

Building Envelope Owner Project Requirements

Furniture Design Guidelines

Furniture Design Guidelines Checklist

SFO Service Animal Relief Area Design Guidelines July 2018

SFO Animal Relief Area Design Guidelines Appendix B

Stormwater Management - Green Infrastructure Standards (Uploaded September 2019)

Sustainable Planning, Design & Construction Guidelines

Zero Net Energy (to be added)

Construction Safety Guidance:

SFO Construction Safety Guide (Uploaded July 2019)